*DISCLAIMER: some images NSFW*


Today I want to talk to you about studio photography, and this couples photography shoot with Kim and Mike! They were so wonderful to photograph, and are so attuned to each other that seeing them together was a joy. Kim and I have known each other for years, working together at three different Lush stores in California and Oregon?! After I moved to Portland, we became closer and now she is one of my best friends! We talk every day, and it’s been so fun to have someone super creative who I’m close with!


Enter Mike. He and Kim fell quickly for each other, but they’re wonderful together! They really are twin flames, which is the relationship they both deserve. It’s fun to see them together too because Mike is SUPER smiley, and Kim is lighter when he’s around.

Kim and I had talked about a Calvin Klein-esque shoot before they started dating, and after, the concept included Mike. We always planned on a black-and-white shoot, and I really wanted to capture the way their bodies melded and moved together. After we had planned the shoot out, the idea of using fake blood in the shoot was mentioned. Kim and I had used fake blood in a previous shoot, which was hella fun to work with! I loved it, so when Kim & Mike talked about using it in their shoot I was all for it! It represents an aspect of their relationship unique to the two of them, and this captured the love they share. 


For this shoot, we used the studio setup I have in my apartment! I’m lucky that my apartment has such amazing natural light!! That way I don’t have to set up hot lights that take up more room. The setup I’ve got going is simple, with different seamless backdrops that I can change pretty easily! Since I was photographing in black and white and we wanted them to pop, we decided on a black backdrop.

Studio photoshoots are fun, because you control the environment and there is SO much that can be done!!! Creatively, that’s my favorite space. 🙂 I like having a controlled environment where the focus is on the model. The simplicity of this couples shoot really made me reevaluate what type of photography I want to do going forward. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting weddings and lifestyle, but creative portraits are what I love to make!! The ones that capture the viewer’s attention and draw the eye really speak to my soul.

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xx Taryn